Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My journal writing from Monday

Every Monday, we write a journal about our weekend. This is what I wrote on Monday:

On the weekend my friends came over to play. There names are Talia, Lara and Charlie. We made a playground. We had a slippery dip, see-saw and a climbing gym. We made a club It was great.

Tom, Christopher and I are making a school play. I am a rock star, Tom is the policeman and Christopher is the baddie.


GrandmaK said...

Well done! It sounds like you had a grand time. Look forward to hearing about your play! Cathy

honey said...

Amelia, writing a journal is a wonderful idea. A few years down the road you will read it and it will bring back so many memories. Having your own words as a record of these years will be priceless to you later on. Good luck on the play. I hope you will share it with your followers. God Bless.